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Condominium Conversion Policy

Condominium Conversion

The City of Regina has a bylaw on condominium conversion, the Condominium Policy Bylaw. This Bylaw is intended to support a stable rental market and has four objectives:

  1. Ensure that condominium conversions do not significantly reduce the supply of rental accommodation in the city.
  2. Ensure the orderly conversion of residential rental apartments to condominium ownership.
  3. Provide measures that mitigate hardship for tenants of rental apartments subject to conversion.
  4. Delegate to the Development Officer all responsibilities as an approving authority for condominium applications except for the provisions specifically identified in the Bylaw that require City Council approval.

Condominium Conversion Handbook

Condominium Conversion Application Form

Provincial Regulations and Policies

  • The provincial Office of Residential Tenancies, formerly referred to as the Rentalsman, is responsible for administering The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, which governs the relationships between tenants and property owners. You can view this Act by visiting the Queen’s Printer at the Government of Saskatchewan website.
  • The City of Regina has no part in these relationships or in administering this Act.
  • If you are renting and have questions about your rights as an owner or renter, please contact the Office of Residential Tenancies.