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City Centre | Market Ownership

Area 1- Market Ownership Unit

  • 3-year, 100% Tax Exemption
  • Eligibility Criteria under Section 6 of the Housing Incentives Policy:
    • Four-unit building or more
    • Tax exemption cannot be held by Private Sector Developer; must be sold and exemption transferred to owner
    • Unit must be owner-occupied by the individual(s) on the certificate of title and be the owner’s primary residence; does not apply to secondary rented units (condominium units being rented)
  • Must be a newly-constructed suite or the conversion of a non-residential building to residential units
  • Properties and applicants must not have charges owed to the City of Regina
  • Incentives are not provided where a heritage building has been demolished
  • If mixed-use building, only residential portion of building is eligible

Application Form