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City Centre | Affordable Ownership Housing

Area 1 – Below Market/Affordable Ownership Developments

  • $10,000 Capital Grant per Affordable Ownership Unit for bachelor to two bedroom units
  • $15,000 Capital Grant perAffordable Ownership Unit for three or more bedroom units
  • Eligibility Criteria under Section 7 of the Housing Incentives Policy:
    • No building size minimum for Non-profit Housing Provider; four-unit building minimum for Private Sector Developer
    • Units must be sold to households that meet income eligibility requirements based on maximum income thresholds (ownership units)
    • Capital Grant must be transferred to eligible purchaser as a down payment or reduction in the sale price of the unit
    • Purchaser cannot own another residential property to be eligible for the Capital Grant for Affordable Ownership
    • Units eligible for Capital Grant for Affordable Ownership must be established at the time of application
    • Must be newly-constructed residential units or the conversion of a non-residential building to residential units
    • Properties and applicants must not have charges owed to the City of Regina
    • Incentives are not provided where a heritage building has been demolished
    • If mixed-use building, only residential portion of building is eligible
    • Non-profit Housing Providers are limited to a maximum of 80 grants per year; Private Sector Developers are limited to a maximum of 40 grants total per year
    • Applications for four units or more must complete a score card for design and development criteria as part of the application. Applications will be evaluated and prioritized using the score card criteria

Application Form

  • Grants for Non-profit Housing Providers will be considered January 1 – October 31 of each year; grants for Private Sector Developers will be considered starting November 1 of each year
  • Eligible for a 5-year, 100% Tax Exemption (Available only if the project is eligible under the Capital Grant Program). Application must be made for Tax Exemption as well as Capital Grant application.
  • Eligibility Criteria in Section 6 of the Housing Incentives Policy:
  • Affordable ownership units must qualify for Capital Grants to be eligible for a Tax Exemption
  • Affordable ownership units must be owner-occupied by the individual(s) on the certificate of title and must be the owner’s primary residence

Application Form