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Regina Police Service Headquarters

In November 2017, the City’s bid to purchase the Saskatchewan Transit Company (STC) bus depot/head office and parking lots for $16.25 million was accepted. The City took possession of the building on February 15, 2018.

Regina Police Service (RPS) Headquarters was built in 1977. In recent years, RPS has increased in size and continues to do so, mostly based on challenges associated with Regina’s growing population. This has resulted in the facility being unable to accommodate all employees, maintain functionality and efficiently deliver service.

The STC building is a relatively new facility and is an ideal location (across the street from the current RPS Headquarters) to be part of a new and complete Regina Police Service Headquarters Complex. This prime location coming on the market provided an unexpected opportunity for the City to meet its number one facility priority – a new police headquarters. In total, the City estimates it will invest about $37 million into the project. That’s one-third of the estimated $140 million it would have originally cost to completely build a new police headquarters.

RPS is working with the City Facilities Management Services Department to deliver this project. External consultants with expertise in designing police facilities will lead the design and construction process. Most of 2018 focused on developing a plan for the entire site. This important phase of work determines what the police complex will look like, how the facilities will be used and confirm the construction schedule.

Project Funding (in millions)

$18 $12 $7

The estimated cost of the project is about $37 million and is funded from our Asset Revitalization Reserve and General Fund Reserve.


  • Design – complete early to mid-2019
  • Release construction tender – 2019 (TBD)
  • Construction begins – 2019 (TBD)
  • Facility occupancy – begins early 2020

Timing may change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to repurpose STC and the existing police headquarters?

The estimated cost to repurpose STC and make the transition is about
$21 million. This includes facility requirements, tenant improvements in both STC and the current police headquarters, site developments and lease obligations. This opportunity saves Regina property taxpayers about $100 million.


When do you expect to move police services into the STC building?

Our goal is to begin moving personnel and using the space in 2019, but until detailed design plans are prepared with RPS to adapt both STC and the current headquarters into a complete facility, we can’t be more specific.

Will you maintain both properties for police use?

Yes, the plan is to accommodate police needs using both the former STC building and the headquarters on a combined site.


Why is police headquarters the number one facility priority for the City?

The City has a framework that uses multi-criteria analysis to prioritize investment in corporate facilities. This framework creates a level playing field for evaluating and recommending investments in various corporate facilities.


Will using reserves to pay for this project mean property taxes will increase?

While there is no reserve specifically dedicated for the Regina Police Service Headquarters Complex, we do have reserves in place to draw from in order to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity.


The purchase price is less than the original cost to construct ($26.2 million including furniture, fixtures and equipment). How did the City come up with its bid?

The City hired a professional appraisal service and relied on that appraisal to determine its bid. 

What’s wrong with the current police headquarters?

As Regina’s population continues to grow, so does the need for more RPS employees. As a result, RPS headquarters has exceeded capacity in terms of ability to accommodate all employees, maintain functionality and efficiently deliver service.


What are the benefits of getting a new facility for RPS? For residents?

RPS requires functional and well-designed facilities infrastructure so that it can efficiently deliver services to the community and respond to growth. In buying the STC building and 1.6 acres of land, the City has been able to find a financially responsible solution to provide a new police headquarters, which is the City’s number one facility priority. This will significantly and positively impact police services long-term.