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Casual Recall Acceptance Form

Please ensure you have thoroughly read the recall package you received in the mail before submitting the Recall Acceptance Form.

Cemeteries and Golf Courses, as well as Landscape Trades seniority groups will post training opportunities throughout the 2019 season. Applications will be accepted at that time. 

Complete and submit the 2019 Recall Acceptance Form no later than February 22, 2019. If the form is not received by this date, it will be assumed that you are not returning and this may delay your recall date.

Employee Name *
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Will you be returning as a casual 2019 season Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Dept. employee and be available to return to work April 29, 2019?
No, I will not be returning and hereby tender my resignation effective immediately. Disregard the remaining form entries and click submit below
If yes, what date will you be able to return?
If your return date is later than Monday April 29, 2019, you are required to contact your 2018 Supervisor.
If you will be returning, choose which of the following training courses you would like to attend:
Parks Maintenance (D1, D2, D3, D4 & Irrigation)
0001-19 Equipment Operator 1 – 72" Mower
0002-19 Equipment Operator 1 – Tractor (below 35 HP) with attachments - Loader, Broom, Rototiller, Box Blade, Mower
0003-19 Equipment Operator 2 – 11’ Mower
0004-19 Equipment Operator 2 – Tractor (over 35 HP) with attachments - Whirlwind/York rake, Aerator, Loader
0008-19 Equipment Operator 3 – 16’ Mower
0009-19 Equipment Operator 3 – Tractor with attachment - Batwing
0010-19 Pesticide Applicators Licence
Parks Expression of Interest
Skilled Labourer - Districts
Forestry, Pest Control & Horticulture
Class 5 Air Brake Endorsement
Over Weight Trailer Training (Forester 1 – Forestry Chipper Truck)
I acknowledge the above information is correct*

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