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Banners and Flags

You need a permit to place banners or flags along or over City streets.


Banners or flags can only be installed for the following reasons:

  • Promotion or celebration of a special event. The special event must be a community event recognized by Tourism Regina;
  • Promote Regina as an attractive place to live in or to visit;
  • Promote designated tourist attractions.

Only requests from non-profit agencies or promotions of a community event will be considered.  Special events that involve fundraising will not be considered.

All banners or flags to be mounted on street light poles that belong to SaskPower will be sent in for approval.

Banners and/or flags shall be supplied by the applicant and must be designed to meet all City of Regina specifications (ex. 230cm x 75cm in size).

To apply

To apply for a permit, you must:

  1. Submit your request and application form through Service Regina a minimum of 30 business days in advance of the installation date.  For requests greater than 50 banners and/or flags, the applications must be submitted a minimum of 60 business days in advance of the installation date.
  2. Once all or the required information has been collected by the City, the completed document will be sent to you in care of a signature to validate the application.  A returned signed copy will then initiate the installation process.

Additional information

The brackets for the banners and flags will be supplied and installed by the City of Regina.  Summary of fees is as follows:

Speed(km/h) Existing Brackets New Brackets
≤50 $50.00 $160.00
>50 $75.00 $185.00

The City of Regina is not responsible for any damage to the banners and flags caused by weather, vandals, or any other event beyond control of the City of Regina.