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This permit is issued by the  and must be approved by the Chief of Police.


  • All permit applications are reviewed to ensure they fall within the bylaw guidelines governing each.
  • All approved permits include a caveat indicating they may be cancelled for just cause.

To apply

To apply for a parade permit, you must:

  1. Complete the parade permit application form  from the Regina Police Service. If more space is necessary, attach a letter containing the information requested in the form.
  2. Submit the parade permit and any supporting information to the Chief of Police Office at the Regina Police Service. (Fax: 306-949-7275 or mail: PO Box 196, Regina, SK S4P 2Z8)
  3. Wait approximately 2 weeks for your parade permit to be reviewed and approved, Permit applications submitted less than 2 weeks before the event may not have enough time to be reviewed and will subsequently be denied.