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Sidewalk Vending Permit

If you wish to sell food, crafts or merchandise from a vending unit located on a sidewalk, you need to apply for a temporary street use permit that identifies this use as well as any other permits or licences required by the Regina Health District, SaskEnergy (if using a gas barbecue), Business Licensing and/or the Fire Department.


  • The size of your vending unit and what can be sold from it are specified in Schedule E of the Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881 (Newspaper vending machines are specified in Schedule D of the same bylaw.)
  • Your vending unit must be removed from the street each night.
  • You cannot sublet or transfer your vending location to another party.

To apply

To apply for a temporary street use permit to sell from a mobile vending unit, you must:

  1. Complete the temporary street use permit application form and submit it to Public Works at least 45 days before you wish to start selling.
  2. Attach to your application form, the additional, detailed information required under Schedule E of the Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881  (Note: requirements vary depending on what merchandise is being sold.)
  3. Wait approximately 45 days for your permit to receive final approval:
  • First you will receive preliminary approval, which will allow you to arrange for additional documents/approvals from other organizations as listed under Schedule E of the Clean Property Bylaw No. 9881
  • Once these approvals are received and reviewed, Public Works will then approve and issue your temporary street use permit.

Additional information

The temporary street use permit for vending units is valid for a period of one calendar year and must be renewed annually to remain in force.

If you wish to renew your permit for the current year, you must re-submit your application -- complete with payment -- by February 15. If you do not, the City will allow the location to be open to other applicants.