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Business Licence Categories And Fees

Below is the list of business licence categories in Regina and the costs to purchase each type of licence, as per The Licensing Bylaw, 2006-86:

  • Resident Business Licences 
The City issues resident business licences to businesses that operates from a premise, located on property in the City that is not assessed and taxed as commercial or industrial property, but does not include a non-profit corporations. 
The initial cost for a resident business licence (first time applicant) is $112.50, and $225 to renew your licence each year after the first. The licensing fee is non-refundable.
Note: Resident businesses with less than $5,000 in annual revenue (as verified by the Canada Revenue Agency) are exempt from paying a business licence fee.
  •  Non-Resident Business Licences 
The City issues non-resident business licences to businesses which carry on the majority of their business, in whole or in part within the City, and does not maintain a permanent premise within the City, but shall not include a non-profit corporations.
Non-resident business licence owners pay $450 initially and for each year after the first. The licensing fee is non-refundable.
  •  Other Business Licences 
Under The Licensing Bylaw, 2006-86, second-hand dealers, pawn brokers, coin dealers and tow truck drivers have a separate licensing fee schedule and must meet specialized requirements.
Contact the Business Support Branch, Community Services at phone 306-777-7717 or email for more information about the fees and licensing procedures for these businesses.