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Learn more about notifynow and why residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up. Questions about signing up and logging in to the alert system? Check out notifynow FAQs.

Why should I subscribe to this service?
So you can receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, your parents’ home, your workplace or your child’s school– as long as those locations are within Regina’s city limits.

When will the notifynow system be used?
The system will be used to notify subscribers about imminent threats to life, health or safety. It’s also important to keep yourself informed by continuing to monitor other public safety warning and information systems, such as television and radio, when possible.

What are some examples of emergency situations?
Examples of an emergency situations include:

  • extreme weather situations such as a tornado or major blizzard
  • hazardous materials spill
  • water quality/quantity

In the case of a required evacuation, shelter-in-place and other emergency situations, the system will be used to share protective action messages so residents can take steps to ensure their personal health and safety.

Will I still get emergency notifications if I don't sign-up?
Should an emergency situation occur and you have a publicly-listed number through the SaskTel directory, you will receive a voice message. Subscribing to the system will ensure you receive the information that you need to know about.

Is there a fee for using this service?
There is no fee for using notifynow.

Can I sign up my spouse to receive notification?

It is recommended that each person in a household signs up individually to receive notifications.

When we issue an alert you’ll receive a message through the voice or text delivery methods you registered – starting with the first and moving through each method. Some notifications may request a confirmation that you received that alert. If you confirm through that method, you will not be contacted by any subsequent delivery methods about that particular alert.

  • The confirmation will simply be to click on a link. The link will indicate that you have confirmed and that you will not be notified through other methods.
  • If you do not confirm, the system will continue to attempt to reach you through all of the contact delivery methods you registered.

I use a TTY device – can I receive messages that way?
Yes, you may also register up to three TTY contact numbers per household.

How are messages sent?
To send a notification, City of Regina staff log in to the program, select the appropriate prepared emergency message and/or create a customized message and send. With one press of a button, the City can notify thousands of residents of an emergency situation within minutes.

What will the messages say?
When an emergency occurs, notifynow will send a notification to advise you of the situation (what has occurred, or could occur), and will provide tips on actions you can take to ensure your personal health and safety. 

What time of day will messages be sent? What if an incident occurs in the middle of the night and I don’t get the message?
Messages will be sent when required, regardless of the time of day.

Will messages be sent in languages other than English?
Notifynow has the capacity to relay messages in English only.

Can I reply to the message?  
No, the notifynow system will not accept replies.

How will the data I enter into the system be used? Will it be secure?
Your contact information will be entered into a secure database through our third-party vendor and will be used only for the intended purposes by the City of Regina. This database will not be shared with any other individual or organization.

Who can I call if I have questions?
If you have any questions regarding the system, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.