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  1. What is Open Information?
    • The Open Information page is designed to disclose internal records that are likely to be of interest to the general public or records that have been requested through the Freedom of Information process and/or the City deems to have a broader public interest.
      Some information may be routinely released. Some examples of this are Mayor and Councillor expense document and the Public Accounts document which includes City Council salaries/expenses, employee salaries, grants paid by the City and major expenditures.
  2. Why is the City of Regina making this information available?
    • Technology is making it possible to share information with citizens more efficiently and effectively. The City is making information available to citizens in an effort to increase transparency and government accountability and to help drive innovation and citizen engagement in Regina.
  3. What types of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests will be published on the Open Information page and if I make a request will my personal information be protected?
    • The Open Information page will display general requests made to the City for information that is deemed to have a wider public interest. General requests may include requests for contracts the City has entered into, studies, surveys, policy decisions, etc.
      Personal information will be protected. Personal information about applicants who make general FOI requests will be removed from the response letter posted to the Open Information page. All records contained within the response are severed in accordance with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  
      FOI requests for personal information will not be posted on the Open Information page.
  4. Why are some details removed or severed from the information posted?
    • Details are removed or severed when necessary to comply with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  5. How can I submit ideas for information that I think would be in the public interest?
    • If you have a suggestion for information that you would like to see made available on the Open Information page you can email
  6. How can I make a request for City information?
  7. How frequently will information be posted?
    • Information will be released to the citizen who requested it and then published online a minimum of three business days after it is released electronically and a minimum of five business days if sent through the mail.
  8. How long will the information posted to the Open Information page be available?
    • Public information is available from this website for a minimum two years after it has been released.
  9. How often is the Open Information page updated?
    • Information that has been released by request will be posted regularly, even daily in some cases.
      Information routinely released will be updated as the information becomes available.  For example, the Public Accounts document is created on an annual basis.

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