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Accessible Parking

The City of Regina and its Accessibility Advisory Committee want people to know that stopping or parkingparking in an accessible parking stall is illegal and causes major difficulty for those who really need it.

The specially marked parking stalls are located closer to mall doors, doctors’ offices and other locations. Those who have a permit in the front window of their vehicles are allowed to park in these spots. People who have accessible parking permits are unable to walk unassisted for more than 50 metres. In these situations, individuals and their care providers need larger parking stalls to load and unload devices such as walkers and wheelchairs. Unobstructed access to sidewalk ramps is essential.

Those who make the decision to illegally park in an accessible parking stall could face a $200 fine. Failure to pay the fine will result in towing the vehicle to impound. In addition to the fine, applicable towing and storage fees are also applied at the impound yard.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is mandated to advise the Mayor and Council on issues relating to accessible parking and transportation.  A number of the committee members are citizens representing different disabilities.

We hear lots of excuses… “I was only running in for a minute.” “The parking lot was full.” “I didn’t see the sign.” “It was raining.”

But the truth is, there is no good reason to illegally stop or park in a designated stall.

Leave designated parking stalls for people who really need them.

For more information, call 306-777-7000 or view the map for accessible parking spaces in the downtown.