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Common Questions About Accessible Parking

Why is accessible parking important? People who have accessible parking permits are unable to walk unassisted for more than 50 metres. In these situations, individuals and their care providers need larger parking stalls to load and unload devices such as walkers and wheelchairs. Unobstructed access to curb cuts is essential.

What is the penalty for a parking violation? If you illegally park in an accessible parking stall, you could face a $200 fine ($165 if paid within 14 days). Failure to pay the fine will result in towing your vehicle to the impound. In addition to the fine, you will also have to pay applicable towing and storage fees applied at the impound yard. This also applies to accessible parking stalls in shopping malls and other public places.

How can I get an accessible parking permit? If you are unable to walk unassisted for more than 50 metres, you may qualify. To request a permit, you must first speak with your general practitioner and get their signature on the permit application form. In Regina, permits are administered by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council by calling 306-569-9048. Permit applications are also available on their website (Services - Parking Program).

How do I report a parking violation? For a one-time enforcement:

  • City of Regina Parking Enforcement Officers enforce public parking in the downtown and surrounding areas and on City-owned property - 306-777-6374
  • University of Regina enforcement - 306-585-4207
  • Wascana Centre Authority enforcement - 306-522-3661
  • Regina Airport enforcement - 306-761-7555
  • Sask Polytechnic enforcement - 306-775-7300