Image of the City of Regina

At Your Trial

If you plead not guilty at your first court appearance , you will be assigned a trial date. Trials are held in "Courtroom 9" on the 3rd floor at the Provincial Courthouse at 1815 Smith Street, Regina.

You are required to appear in court on your trial date. The Justice of the Peace will call your name out and ask if you are prepared to proceed with the trial. At this time you may either:

  • agree to proceed with the trial
  • request an adjournment
  • change your plea to "guilty"

Proceed with the trial

If you decide to proceed with the trial, the Justice of the Peace will hear your case. All testimony heard at a trial is taken under oath and is heard in the order listed below:

  • City’s case The City, which is referred to as the Crown in these proceedings, must first prove its case against you. The Crown’s witnesses testify first and usually includes the Issuing Officer who issued the parking ticket. After the Crown has completed questioning their witnesses, you can ask the witnesses questions (also known as cross-examination).
  • Your defence You can call your witnesses to testify and/or you can testify in your own defence. The witnesses for your defence must APPEAR in court on your trial date since witness statements are not admissible in court. You can also present any additional evidence, such as photographs or other documents, at this time.
  • Summations After all witnesses have testified and all evidence has been presented, you will be asked to provide a summation or summary of your case. After your summary, the Crown will provide their summation.
  • Decision After hearing all evidence from both sides, the Justice of the Peace will render a decision.

Failure to appear or request an adjournment

If you do not appear on your trial date and you do not request an adjournment, a default conviction may be entered against you concerning your parking violation.