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Vehicle Liens

A lien is a claim that someone has against an item, such as a vehicle, as security for money that is owed. Valid liens allow the lien holder to seize the item as payment of a claim. The City of Regina can register a lien against ANY OR ALL vehicles owned by you if both of the following conditions exist:

  • you were convicted (by default conviction or conviction after a trial) or plead guilty to a parking offence and the court imposed a fine, late payment charge or other cost
  • you have not paid your fine, late payment charge or other cost IN FULL

Notice of lien

The City of Regina will mail a Notice of Lien to you at the address on your driver’s licence when it places a lien on any or all of your vehicles. The City will also send a copy of the lien to any other registered interests or lien holders associated with the vehicle. The Notice of Lien states:

  • why the lien was registered
  • information about the vehicle(s) affected by the lien such as make, model and year
  • amount of unpaid parking fines, late payment charges and costs as of the date the lien was registered
  • the date the lien and all unpaid fines/charges/costs must be paid (15 days after the Notice is issued)

If you do not pay all unpaid fines/charges/costs within 15 days, the City of Regina can seize, impound, and sell any or all of your vehicles.