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Parking Ticket Payment

A parking ticket is a notice of violation which identifies why your vehicle has been issued a ticket. Pay your parking ticket early, within 14 days of receiving your parking ticket, to take advantage of the reduced amount shown on the ticket.

There are several easy ways to pay your parking ticket or fine. Use the one most suitable for you.

  • Online: Use the Online Parking Ticket Payment Service to pay your ticket
  • Mail: You can mail a cheque or money order (payable to the City of Regina) to City of Regina, PO Box 3014, Regina, SK, S4P 3E1
  • In person: You can pay your ticket in person at City Hall or drop it off at the Payment Drop Box at the front entrance at 2476 Victoria Avenue between 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays)

And remember, if you get a parking ticket it is your responsibility to pay on or before the due date. The City is not responsible for lost or delayed payments. 

What happens if you don’t pay your parking ticket

After 14 days the City will mail a notice of pending summons to remind you to pay your outstanding parking ticket. If you do not pay your ticket after receiving the notice of pending summons, the City will mail you a parking summons, which will charge you with a parking offence.

Review your Parking Ticket

Dispute your Parking Ticket in Court

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