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Parking Zone For Persons With Disabilities

If you possess a placard for persons with disabilities or receive paratransit bus service, you are eligible for a special parking zone in front of your home. However, you cannot request such a parking zone if you have a front driveway.

This parking zone allows any vehicle with a placard to park in that space for up to 24 hours on a weekday, and anytime during a weekend or statutory holiday.

To apply

Contact the City of Regina’s Accessible Zone Parking Services Office at 306-777-6374 or Service Regina at 306-777-7000 to obtain the necessary application forms. You will be required to provide:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • The address where the parking zone for persons with disabilities will be located
  • The consent of the property owner who’s property abuts the proposed zone (if the property owner is not the applicant)
  • A sketch showing the approximately location where the proposed zone will be located
  • The license plate number of the vehicle with disabled plates or the registration number of the disabled placard

There is no cost to request a parking zone for persons with disabilities. This stall is not for the exclusive use of the applicant. Anyone who has a valid placard can use the spot.