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Save a Tree Program

This program allows you to donate trees from your yard that fit within certain guidelines to the City of Regina for transplanting into the open space. This program benefits both you and the City by:

  • Allowing you to donate a tree that may be becoming too large for your property
  • Allowing the City to plant a sizeable tree for the cost of moving it

Guidelines for selecting trees for program

To determine if a tree is acceptable, City of Regina staff will visit your property and assess the tree using the following criteria:

  • Size Trees over a trunk diameter of 16 cm (measured at ground level) cannot be moved.
  • Accessibility The tree must be accessible by large mechanical tree spade.
  • Species We do not relocate Siberian elms, poplars or shrubs.
  • Condition The tree must be disease free and in a state of vigorous growth. The tree should be naturally shaped - not disfigured or misshapen. After assessing the condition, the tree will only be moved if it will have at least a 70% chance of survival after relocation.
  • Value The assessed value of the tree must be higher than the cost to relocate it and provide the necessary follow up maintenance.
  • Timing of the move Trees are only moved in the spring and fall.

To apply

Contact Landscape Design (Parks & Open Spaces) at 306-777-7000 or by using the City of Regina‚Äôs online Contact Us form.