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Property-Owner Participation in Streetscaping

This program gives you the opportunity to take part in boulevard plantings in your community through input into the design criteria, funding, or the donation of material or services.

Master Tree Planting Strategy & Plans

Through the Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy (RUFMS) , the City has implemented a master tree planting strategy that enables a prioritized street tree planting strategy for major arterial roadways* (including ceremonial routes, gateways, and major intersections). The RUFMS also outlines the design strategy for gateway, intersection, and arterial tree planting.

Your input

Plans for tree planting on boulevards through the Conceptual Master Tree Planting Program Plan are shared with you, the adjacent property owners to the boulevard.

You can provide your input at open houses held during the planning stages for each project. You will be notified of the open house by a mail and through a notice to your Community Association.

The City welcomes any feedback on the design and the Conceptual Master Tree Planting Plan. If you wish, you can also increase the number of trees planted through the private tree planting in a public open space.

Upcoming streetscape programs and opportunities for public input

The list below shows the planned tree planting for the next several years. This plan is reviewed and updated annually to ensure the goals of the program are being met. The full completion of the master tree planting strategy may take an additional 5 to 10 years.

Master Tree Planting Plan

  • Arcola Avenue (Prince of Wales Drive to Woodland Grove Drive) - completion in spring 2010
  • Arcola Avenue (Park Street to Fleury Street) - completion in spring 2010
  • Pasqua Gate - completion spring 2010
  • Rochdale Boulevard (Stockton Street to McIntosh Street) - summer/fall 2010

*Note: Urban Forestry assesses vacancies to determine if and when trees will be planted along collector and local streets.