Image of the City of Regina

Community Tree Programs

Each year the City offers 100 trees from the City nursery to local organizations (registered as charitable, cooperative, or non-profit) for planting on public land:

  • Groups can request up to 10 trees per year
  • Individuals may apply subject to availability

The trees are free but the organization is responsible for the costs to move the trees from the nursery to the desired site.

The trees must be planted on public land, such as City of Regina property, school board or other crown lands. Commercial or private developments are not able to use this process to request trees.

To apply

Written requests for trees can be submitted between January 1 and April 1 for planting in the spring. Requests made between April 2 and September 1 will be eligible for fall planting, weather permitting.

Your request must include a site plan (preferably aerial image) that illustrates the proposed planting location(s) of the donated trees. Once completed, submit your request to:

Coordinator, Infrastructure Strategy, City of Regina, PO Box 1790 Regina SK, S4P 3C8

Approved requests

If your request is approved, your group will be contacted and advised of how many trees are being donated and the process for picking up the trees. You will receive a brochure explaining the City of Regina's planting specification, maintenance requirements and watering schedule.

Before your can pick up your trees, your group must sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Arrange the time and date for delivery with the tree spade company. All costs for the tree moving are the responsibility of your group.
  • Plant the trees according to the approved planting plan.
  • Plant the trees according to the City of Regina planting specifications.
  • Water the trees once every 2 weeks for 3 years.
  • Not relocate or remove trees without prior approval from the City of Regina.
  • Only remove the trees if they become diseased or die.