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Herbicide-Free Parks

Each year City of Regina staff measure the number of weeds in the City’s parks. 

herbicide-freeThe information gathered in the annual weed density survey is used to determine the average number of weeds per square meter in the grass. If there are too many weeds, the City considers applying an herbicide. If the number of weeds is lower, the park will not be sprayed and may be considered for a “herbicide-free” designation, meaning that the City would not use chemical or biological products on the grass to kill or suppress the growth of plants.

The annual weed density survey is the basis for determining whether herbicide-free parks will remain herbicide free. Parks sprayed with a herbicide in the previous year may have a lower weed density and may now be eligible for designation.

The “herbicide-free” designation refers to the grass only and not to shrub beds or hard surface areas like paving stones or red shale. Weeds in shrub beds and hard surfaces are controlled by rototilling, string trimming, hand removal or spraying.

Click here to view a map of the herbicide-free parks in Regina.


Information on Pesticide-Free Parks.