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Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy

The Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy (RUFMS) provides a comprehensive strategy for maintaining Regina's urban forest. It contains the programs, policies, standards, procedures and specifications necessary for managing our urban forest in a sound and cost-effective manner. The strategy was developed through extensive research and consultation.

Each appendix to RUFMS is listed below, with a short description of what you will find in that chapter:

  • Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy   This section contains an overview of the strategy, the current status of Regina’s urban forest and how it is designed, the tree planting program, tree maintenance and protection programs, integrated pest management, public education, and the master tree planting strategy.
  • Appendix "A" Responsibility For The Urban Forest   This appendix explains the roles and responsibilities of Urban Forestry, Parks Maintenance and Open Space Services, Integrated Pest Management, Planning & Design, Support Services and the Development Industry.
  • Appendix "B" Tree Inventory This appendix lists the maintenance needs of trees which make up the inventory.
  • Appendix "C" Sector Profiles   This appendix explains how Regina is divided up into 93 sectors, the location of each sector and the trees located inside that sector.
  • Appendix "D" Tree Planting Priorities, Requirements, Procedures and Specifications This appendix explains the diversity and selection of tree species for Regina’s urban forest, including tree spacing and setback requirements, planting procedures and planting specifications.
  • Appendix "E" Root Pruning This appendix explains who is responsible for root pruning, when it is approved and how it is done.
  • Appendix "F" Tree Removal This appendix explains who can authorize the removal of a City-owned tree, criteria for removal, the process to remove the tree and any fees or costs.
  • Appendix "G" Tree Protection This appendix explains what has to be done to protect City-owned trees when construction is planned near them. Information includes pre-construction planning and site evaluation, construction activities covered under this section, how the tree is to be protected, post construction evaluation and remediation as well as requirements for maintenance work around the base of tress or for transporting trees.
  • Appendix "H" The Heritage Trees of Regina Program This appendix explains the requirements for nominating a heritage or notable tree.
  • Appendix "I" The Urban Forest Storm Response Plan   This appendix explains how the City of Regina will prepare its urban forests for severe storms, how crews will respond during a storm, and how crews will assess and clean up trees damaged by storms.
  • Appendix "J" Safety Requirements This appendix explains the training and responsibility when using power tools/equipment or lifting heavy items, and safety precautions to take when pruning, planting or removing trees.
  • Appendix "K" Pest Management Threshold Indicators   This appendix lists the different type of pests that can damage trees and the amount of infestation required for treatment and/or removal.
  • Appendix "L" The Tree Donation Program   This appendix explains the criteria used to evaluate requests to donate private trees and the roles and responsibilities of both the City and homeowner if a tree is approved for donation.
  • Appendix "M" The Master Tree Planting and City Nursery Production Plan This appendix explains where, when and the number and type of trees that will be planted along major arterials and boulevards as part of the Master Tree Planting Strategy, as well as how to encourage public input when planning.