Image of the City of Regina

City Flowers

Our flower program is part of the City’s vision to make Regina vibrant and attractive.

Flower Facts

  • We maintain 400 flower pots around the city.
  • We maintain 48 flower beds located throughout Regina.
  • Between the beds and pots, we plant over 40,000 plants each year.

We plant mostly pentunias, lillies and marigolds but we do plant some interesting flowers like Mexican sunflowers and Dahlia “Mystic Illusion” in Central Park. You’ll find some surprises as you walk about Regina and in our parks.

Interactive Floral Map

We get inquiries from residents about the flowers we have planted, and we appreciate your interest. To better serve you, we’ve made it possible for you to identify flowers that you notice and like.  

Check out our interactive floral map online to find flowers that have caught your interest.

  • Green squares identify flower beds
  • Brown circles identify flower pots
  • Click on coloured markers to find information such as the type of flower, the date the floral display was planted and an attached image(s).

You can also type in the name of park such as Central Park or a street location to find flowers.

Flowers at City Hall Queen Elizabeth II Courtyard along Victoria Avenue as you walk up to City Hall

The K flower bed located at Kiwanas Park.

Regina Floral Conservatory

Regina is also home to the Regina Floral Conservatory which is operated and maintained by volunteers of the Regina Garden Associates in partnership with the City of Regina. Visit the Regina Floral Conservatory to learn more about Regina’s premiere indoor green space.