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Off-Leash FAQs

Are dogs allowed in parks and open space?

Yes, dogs are allowed in all city parks if they are on a leash, wearing a current license and obeying the Regina Animal Bylaw (2009 ā€“ 04) including picking up after their pet. The Animal Bylaw No. 2009-44 also applies to the off leash dog park.

What are the benefits of off-leash areas?

Off-leash areas provide an opportunity for dog owners and their dogs to exercise, play and socialize. They also play an important role in teaching dog owners more about responsible pet ownership. Bulletin boards within the park provide opportunities for owners to become more educated on pet-related issues. Further, community members often take pride in the neighbourhood park by getting more involved in the maintenance and safety of the park.

What maintenance is done in the permanent off-leash areas?

The parks are maintained by the City of Regina. Maintenance consists of mowing, scheduled garbage removal, snow removal to the gate and minor site repairs. We also look to users to help maintain and look after the space by picking up after themselves and their pets.

Is the Ross Industrial Dog Park fully fenced?

Yes, it is fully fenced.

Why is Cathy Lauritsen not fenced on all sides?

The Cathy Lauritsen Off-Leash Dog Park is located within a floodplain. If fencing had been installed along the creek it would have needed to be set back approximately 100 feet from the creek side, and this would greatly reduce the dog park area. Fencing along the creek would also impede spring runoff and cause ice damming. For this reason, fencing has not been considered for this part of the park.

Has there been discussion about fencing off the creek at Cathy Lauritsen during winter months?

Using any type of barrier device to close off the creek side during winter months would have negative environmental impacts on the park. We recommend that during winter months when the creek is frozen that dog owners stay away from the creek or use at their own risk. Owners and their dogs are advised to stay off the ice due to thin ice concerns. All owners visiting off-leash areas are to have their dog under complete control by either physical or verbal means at all times, according to the Regina Animal Bylaw (2009-44).

What do I do if my dog is attacked?

Dog owners are to use the off-leash park at their own risk. Unless you are able to get the contact information of the other dog owner and come to an agreement on who will be responsible for the vet bill, it is ultimately your responsibility. Dangerous dogs can be reported to the Regina Humane Society at 306-777-7700.

Do I need to clean up after my dog?

Poop nā€™ scoop is mandatory. Immediately dispose of any defecation caused by your dog. Failure to pick up after your dog may result in a fine.

Why are there not more dog parks throughout the City and how can I request a new one?

The City of Regina is working with developers to create three permanent off-leash parks in new developments over the next several years.  Three parks are being considered in the northwest, east and south communities of Regina.  The City is about to engage the community about an unfenced off-leash areas pilot program and information will be available about this process on the website.

Where can I park at the permanent dog parks?

At the Cathy Lauritsen, residents can park in the parking lot off of 13th Avenue, or on the street itself.  At the Ross Industrial off leash area, residents can only park on Solomon Crescent.  As a reminder, dogs must be leashed at all times coming to and from any parked cars, for their safety and safety of other residents using the park.