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4100 Anaquod Road FAQ

What is the current zoning of the property?
The property is located in the Urban Holding Zone.

What are the permitted uses of the property?
The current zoning of Urban Holding is designed to protect lands required for future urban development from premature subdivision and development. It is the expectation that applications for rezoning would be required as development plans for the area are finalized.

The City Real Estate Branch is selling the parcel on an “as is” only basis.  There are no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the fitness of the land for any particular purpose.  The City of Regina’s role as administrator or regulator of subdivision applications, zoning regulations, development approvals and building permits is separate and distinct from, and not to be related in any way with its role as the seller of the subject property. 

Should you have questions about the zoning or zoning amendments related to this property, contact 306-777-7000 and ask to be transferred to the Current Planning for specific information on the processes and clarification of zoning.

What are the costs associated with a rezoning or subdivision of this property?
The list of City’s fees related to the Zoning process can be found here or call 306-777-7000 and ask to speak to a representative from Current Planning.

When would the City choose the successful offer? 
The City will advertise the property for a minimum of 15 days. Offers will be opened and reviewed no sooner than after the expiry of 15 days from the initial date of listing.  The listing and request for offers will remain open until a binding agreement has been executed or unless otherwise determined by the City.  

How will the successful offer be determined?

The City will be evaluating all offers based on several factors including, but not limited to, price, economic and community benefit, which should be outlined under Purchaser Representations and Warranties. The City of Regina retains the right to not accept any offer submitted.

When is the possession date for the sale?
The offer should contain a proposed possession date . 

How much of a deposit is required prior to the purchase? 
A deposit of $25,000 must be included with your offer, by way of bank draft or certified cheque.  If your offer is not successful, your deposit will be returned.  Dependent on the conditions included in the offer, additional staged non-refundable deposits may be required as conditions are met. 

Can I submit an offer to purchase for the property on my own form/agreement?
No, the City requires that all offers be submitted on the City provided Offer. (Offer)

Are there any incentives for the creation of affordable housing?
Your proposal to purchase should include the intended use of the property, required zoning and any special conditions in making your offer.  Therefore, you should identify if you are seeking a financial incentive to create affordable housing.  For information related to City programs such as the Housing Incentive Program, you are required to investigate the extent of your eligibility of that program by contacting 306-777-7000 and speaking with a representative of the City of Regina Urban Planning Department.  The Real Estate Branch does not administer, evaluate or promote other City programs in relation to the offering of a City property for sale.

When is my offer considered accepted?
Until the City accepts an offer in writing, the City does not intend to create any contractual relationship (either expressed or implied) or create any other legal duties or obligations with you or any other person making an offer.  You may revoke your offer at any time prior to its acceptance by giving written notice to the City.