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Property for Lease

The City of Regina is accepting offers for the lease of the following three land sites located at:

1540 Winnipeg Street - Approximately 4724 m2

1120 9th Avenue - Approximately 2076 m2

1140 9th Avenue - Approximately 2087 m2


Zoning: Light Industrial (IA1)

Lease Term: Five year, renewable for an additional five years at updated current lease rates.

Monthly Lease Rate: Reserve Bid. Offers must be received on City Lease Form 2A and indicate the rate you are willing to pay on the individual addresses. GST is applicable on the Lease rate plus Annual Property Taxes.

Condition: The Lots are in an “as is” condition. Lease hold improvements will be the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenant will enter into a formal Lease Agreement prepared by the City Solicitor’s Office.

Interested parties should respond before August 15, 2018 at 2 p.m. to be considered in the initial review. The City will accept the offer that is deemed most advantageous to the City.  All offers may be rejected.  Offers should be placed in a sealed envelope and be clearly marked Winnipeg Street & 9th Avenue and be submitted to City of Regina’s Real Estate Branch, 14th Floor, City Hall, PO Box 1790 Regina, Saskatchewan


Submission Guidelines

  1. Sealed offers must be provided in writing on the attached Lease Form 2A.
  2. The Request for Offers will remain open until all lands are leased.
  3. Lease Form 2A must be completed in its entirety including an expiry date not less than 30 days from the date of your offer.
  4. Locations for lease are 1540 Winnipeg Street - Blk/Par 4 – Plan 100299562 Ext 0, approximately 1.16 Acres, 1120 9th Avenue - Blk/Par 3 – Plan 100299562 Ext 0, approximately 0.515 Acres and 1140 9th Avenue - Blk/Par 2 - Plan 100299562 Ext 0, approximately 0.516 Acres.
  5. The Lessee will be responsible for all costs associated with meeting City development requirements.
  6. The Lessee will be responsible to arrange all permits for access on and off the property. The City is not responsible to create or widen accesses to accommodate the planned equipment to be used.
  7. The Lessee will provide a certificate of insurance in the amount and coverage as required by the formal lease agreement with the City named as a co-insured.
  8. The Lessee will provide an emergency response plan in case of an environmental spill.
  9. Property taxes shall be the responsibility of the Lessee.
  10. Lease Form 2A must be accompanied by a deposit (certified cheque or money order) in an amount of 10% of the annual lease. Deposits will be returned to unsuccessful bidders.
  11. Enquiries regarding this property should be directed to Mary Kuhn, Real Estate Officer. 306-777-7275
  12. Your offer must be marked as Winnipeg Street & 9th Avenue on the outside of a sealed envelope, delivered to City of Regina Real Estate Branch, Attn: Real Estate Manager, 14th Floor, City Hall, P.O. Box 1790, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 3C8
  13. If the City of Regina accepts your offer, you will be required to execute a formal "Lease Agreement", a sample of which is attached as Schedule A .
  14. Please review the Lease Agreement (Schedule A) carefully before submitting an offer.
  15. All information about the Property supplied by The City of Regina is for guidance only, and the City of Regina is not responsible for errors or omissions in that information. In submitting an offer, you should rely entirely upon your own personal inspection or knowledge of the Property, independent of any representation made by or on behalf of the City of Regina. All land being offered in leases are in an "as is" condition, with irregular land surface, no specified surface material and may have foreign materials or hazards. The City of Regina will not be held responsible for damage to equipment.
  16. The City of Regina will review all offers and will select the one most advantageous to The City of Regina.
  17. The City of Regina will not be responsible for: (a) any costs you incur in preparing your offer or in negotiating and documenting the license of the Property, or, (b) any costs related to the business operation on the property, or (c) any costs related to returning the property to its original state at the expiration of your lease.


Mary Kuhn, Real Estate Officer
Land & Real Estate Department
City Hall
2476 Victoria Avenue
P: 306-777-7275