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Independent Personal Trainers

City of Regina Leisure Centres - Independent Personal Trainer Application

We appreciate that you have chosen our Leisure Centres to work with your clients in. This form must be filled out on an annual basis by Independent certified  trainers who wish to use City of Regina facilities. The form and requested materials must be returned to the Sportplex and approved before any training may occur. The Trainer is responsible for following the guidelines, notifying the City of Regina of any changes in certification, and ensuring that their clients are following the general rules. Trainers and their clients must pay to enter the facility: single admission or a pass. The use of our facilities by Independent  trainers is a privilege and failure to comply with our guidelines may result in loss of access. The City of Regina reserves the right to revoke the Independent trainer’s access at any time.

For further inquiries and approval of application please call 306-777-7158.

Independent Personal Trainer Application Form