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Recreation Master Plan

The City of Regina is planning for the future of recreation. A Recreation Master Plan is being produced that will guide the City’s role in the delivery of recreation services, including programs and facilities, over the next 20 years.

Next Steps

Thanks to input from residents and community organizations, the City is in the final stages of developing the Master Plan. Your feedback is important.

The survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who provided us with your feedback on the Recreation Master Plan.


Past Engagement

To help in the development of the Master Plan, residents and community organizations were asked to share their thoughts in late-2016, early-2017.  The community responded strongly to our request for assistance:

  • Over 1,300 responses were collected in an online survey;
  • 600 households took part in a telephone survey;
  • Over 600 youth completed surveys;
  • Over 180 sport, culture and recreation organizations completed a questionnaire and met with consultants; and
  • A number of residents attended public open houses.

Your feedback was invaluable and was used as an input as the specific recommendations of the Recreation Master Plan were developed. Through the surveys, a key theme emerged about the value that residents place on recreation services: almost 75 per cent of respondents strongly agreed that the community as a whole benefits from the recreation programs and services offered by the City.


Recreation Facility Plan 2010-2020

The purpose of the Recreation Facility Plan is to provide recommendations to help the City allocate resources toward meeting the highest priority sport, culture and recreation needs, in a manner that maximizes the impact on the community-at-large for every public dollar invested.

The Recreation Facility Plan was developed through a process that included analysis of the research and recommendations in the Recreation Facility Strategy to 2020 (a study completed by Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants in 2008), extensive public consultation, a review of leading practices in sport, culture and recreation facility planning, and extensive planning with internal and external partners to ensure the recommendations are aligned with other corporate and community initiatives.