Image of the City of Regina

Community Associations & Zone Boards

Regina is divided into the following 5 zone boards and 28 community associations.

Community Associations

Community Associations are made up entirely of volunteers who:

  • provide community recreation programs
  • provide outdoor rink supervision
  • organize, coach and instruct sport opportunities for your family
  • organize community events
  • represent the community's concern on civic affairs; community development issues; urban planning and development; and parks and facility planning and development

If you want to volunteer, contact the Community Consultant for your area:

South East Central West North
306-777-7322 306-777-7322 306-777-7362 306-777-7363 306-777-7363

The Neighbourhood Support Model Toolkit offers 12 modules that provide hands-on practical advice on what any community based organization needs to work more efficiently. The modules include concrete steps on strategic planning, recruiting and recognizing volunteers, better understanding finances and much more. Please use this toolkit and share this resource with your organization!