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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the City need a new website now?

Residents have told the City that they prefer to get information online; however, the template cannot be modified to achieve a modern design and user experience. isn’t mobile friendly and is difficult to navigate on a phone. The only option is to redesign to bring it up to the standards that today’s website users expect.


What is the benefit of a website redesign?

The redesign will lead to a number of benefits including:

  • Improved information sharing between the City and residents
  • Improved mobile user experience
  • Information will be accessible to all – including those using screen readers
  • Information will be easier to find
  • The site will be quick to load
  • Calls-to-action will be prominent


How long will a redesign take?

The Redesign implementation plan has an estimated launch date in the spring of 2019. Similar projects in other Canadian municipalities have taken 18-22 months. is a complex website with over 2,500 pages of information. A project of this nature requires a high level of expertise and a significant amount of time and resources to create a design, prepare content and develop a secure website that achieves the desired outcomes.


What new features will be available when is redesigned?

The redesign project will allow users to find and share information more easily, especially from their phones.


Have you identified a vendor?

The City has selected zu as our new digital partner on the Redesign! zu is a digital agency based in Saskatoon. They have over 22 years in the digital industry and are recognized for their website redesign experience. They have a crew of 37 experts who specialize in digital strategy, design and development. zu led the City of Saskatoon’s website redesign and has worked on digital projects for a broad range of clients such as the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, Cameco, PotashCorp and the Government of Saskatchewan.


Was preference given to a Saskatchewan-based company?

The City of Regina is governed by Federal and Provincial legislation and trade agreements, including the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and New West Partnership Trade Agreement. The City provided a tender process that was open and non-discriminatory.  


How will the redesign improve accessibility?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is developed in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally. WCAG if focused on making web content more accessible to people with disabilities. It has 12 guidelines that are testable success criteria: A, AA, and AAA. There are no laws in Saskatchewan that govern web accessibility standards, however, making information available to all is our goal. One of the redesign goals is to achieve WCAG level AA. zu is developing a digital strategy and website publishing guidelines for the City of Regina with best practices in making content accessible.


How much public input will there be?

User consultations are a priority in our public website redesign. We will be asking for feedback throughout the design phase of the Redesign project. Users are invited to sign up to receive emails with regular project updates and notifications about further feedback opportunities.


What will happen to the other City of Regina websites such as and

These websites are currently separate from and it is too early to say. The City will work with zu to determine if they should be amalgamated with


What is the cost of a redesign?

The total budget for the redesign is $1.255 million over a two-year period. This includes $847,000 for zu’s professional services, which covers public consultation, strategy development, design, development, testing and launch.


Why are professional services required to complete this project?

When designing an office building, you enlist the services of professional engineers and architects to make sure its structure is sound and the design meets the needs of building occupants. Building a website requires the same level of expertise to ensure a solid and secure structure that meets the needs of its users. is a complex website with many layers of content. A project of this nature requires a high level of expertise and a significant amount of time and resources to create a design, prepare content and develop a secure website that achieves the desired outcomes. We do not have the resources in-house to take on a project with this level of complexity alone.