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Mayor's Annual Luncheon

On Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, Mayor Michael Fougere hosted the annual Caring Place Luncheon in Support of Mental Health. Since 2014, the Mayor has actively supported this event, which is a major fundraiser for The Caring Place.

The Caring Place has a 27 year history of serving the Regina Community, helping people find a place of refuge and to inspire new hope for anyone facing life’s challenges. Nestled in the Cathedral Village, The Caring Place provides more than 5,000 hours of counselling per year for individuals, children, couples, families and groups experiencing depression, relational challenges or other personal issues. The Caring Place has a sliding fee structure based on income to serve all individuals, including those who would otherwise be unable to receive counselling and support. For more information about The Caring Place go to

Stay tuned for details about the 2019 Mayor's Luncheon.