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Mayor's Housing Commission

The Mayor’s Housing Commission was formed after Mayor Fougere hosted a Housing Summit in May of 2013, aimed at bringing together all orders of government and the public to exploring and finding solutions to housing issues facing Regina. The Summit helped create a greater understanding of housing needs, case examples, best practices and experiences from other jurisdictions and partners, and the Housing Commission was created to provide information and advice to the City as it works to address housing issues. 

The Mayor’s Housing Commission is made up of nine members, including representatives from City Council, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, the non-profit sector and private developers. The Housing Commission is tasked with guiding the City’s affordable housing initiatives and implementation of the Comprehensive Housing Strategy, as well as identifying and recommending for practical ways to alleviate housing issues, from rental, affordable housing to social and market housing. The Commission also gathers and distils information gathered at the Housing Summit to inform the City in addressing its housing needs, as well as working to identify gaps and constraints to housing growth.

The Mayor's Housing Commission reports directly to City Council. For additional information please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 306-777-7262 or email