Image of the City of Regina

Understand Our City's Symbols

Coat of Arms

Regina's Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is symbolic of Regina in the past and the present. The buffalo on the shield at the centre reflects the history of the region as a First Nations hunting area. The wheat sheaf represents the importance agriculture played in Regina’s history. The crown at the top reflects our royal heritage as the “Queen City.” And the wall-like crown just below, has blue bricks and gold mortar. It symbolizes the civic government.

The supporters on either side of the shield reflect Regina’s history as the “home of the RCMP.” The Mountie on the left is a male dressed in an 1882 uniform, while the one on the right is a female in the dress uniform of the RCMP today.

Regina's Motto

Regina’s motto “Floreat Regina” appears at the bottom of its Coat of Arms.

"Floreat Regina" is Latin for “Regina Flourishes” — Regina is a growing, prospering community.  

Regina's Flag

City FlagThe Regina flag is in two predominant colours: gold at the bottom to represent the wheat fields which surround the city and blue above to represent the vast prairie skies. The royal crown reflects our heritage as the “Queen City.”

Flags are important symbols of honour and should be displayed appropriately, consistently, and with respect. The City of Regina follows the City of Regina - Flag Protocol Guidelines when flying flags in front of City Hall in the Queen Elizabeth II Courtyard and at other City facilities. These guidelines address topics such as precedence, half-masting, disposal and how to purchase a Regina flag.

The City of Regina also raises flags to commemorate important and significant events or campaigns in the city. All requests must meet the criteria outlined in our guidelines. Complete the Flag Raising Request form. The Office of the City Clerk will review the requests on a first-come first-served basis. If a flag raising ceremony is also to be requested, the Courtyard must be booked through the Central Scheduling area. There is a fee to book the Courtyard.

The following is the flag schedule for the Albert Street Bridge and could change based on any national/international event that may occur:

  • January - Saskatchewan
  • February - Canada/Saskatchewan/Union Jack
  • March - Regina
  • April - Canada
  • May - Saskatchewan
  • June - Metis/Treaty 4/Regina
  • July - Canada
  • August - Saskatchewan
  • September - Canada/Treaty 4
  • October - Canada
  • November - Saskatchewan
  • December - Canada/Saskatchewan/Union Jack

Regina's Chain of Office

Mayor's Chain of OfficeThe Mayor’s chain of office was presented to the City of Regina by McCallum Hill Limited in 1978, which was the 75th anniversary of both the City and the company.

The gold-plated chain consists of 13 round disks, depicting the history of the community and local landmarks. Disks are linked by gold bars inscribed with the names of Regina’s mayors. The pendant is the City’s old crest, suspended from the Saskatchewan coat of arms.

Regina City Logo

City logoOur logo is composed on an R letterform as a distinctive focal point, unique to the city of Regina. Created with a continuous infinite loop in bold colours, the letterform is intended to position Regina as alive and vibrant - a place of possibility. Infinite Horizons is an optimistic statement that speaks of opportunity expanding around the city, like the boundless prairie landscape surrounding it.

The City's logo, crest or flag cannot be used or reprinted without first obtaining permission from the City of Regina.