Image of the City of Regina

Get Information About Regina

Focusing on People Download a variety of brochures for your information or project. For more information about Regina, contact  Regina Regional Opportunities Commission .

  • Regina Demographic Snapshot contains 2011 Census data regarding the age structure of Regina's population.
  • Profile of our Capital City contains information about our climate, resources, government, and more.
  • Let’s Learn about Regina is a children’s booklet containing information about Regina, and includes some fun activities.
  • You can learn about the City of Regina’s symbols by checking out the Coat of Arms and Flag   fact sheet.
  • For historical information, the Brief History of Regina booklet provides information about how Regina became a city, past and present Mayors and more. (Note: Large file over 2 MB and may take some time to download.)
  • The Focusing on people…a social and demographic profile of the Regina community report is a snapshot of the community, focusing on the people who live in Regina. Using numbers and statistics, in a clear and understandable format, it provides a sense of what the community looks like and how it has changed in recent years. This tool can help individuals and organizations address issues and meet future challenges. (Note: Large file over 2 MB and may take some time to download.)