Image of the City of Regina

Residential Road Renewal Projects

Locations are tentative and could change based upon weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Ward 1

  • 17th Avenue - Edgar Street to Francis Street
  • 18th Avenue - Broder Street to Reynolds Street
  • 19th Avenue - McDonald Street to McAra Street
  • 20th Avenue - Douglas Park Crescent to Park Street
  • Daffodil Crescent - Dufferin Road to Durham Drive
  • Daffodil Crescent - Orchard Crescent to Dufferin Road
  • Dufferin Road - Durham Drive to Manor Road
  • Dufferin Road - Manor Road to Castle Road
  • Durham Drive - Dolphin Bay to Grant Drive
  • Edgar Street - 19th Avenue/Douglas Road to Holland Avenue
  • Fleury Street - Douglas Avenue to 18th Avenue
  • Holland Avenue - Edgar Street to McDonald Street
  • MacKay Street - Broadway Avenue to College Avenue
  • MacKay Street - Douglas Avenue/Kerr Place to 18th Avenue
  • McAra Street - 18th Avenue to 17th Avenue
  • Montreal Crescent - Ottawa Street to Broadway Avenue
  • Ottawa Street - Quinn Drive to Broadway Avenue
  • Reynolds Street - 19th Avenue to Broadway Avenue

Ward 2

  • 26th Avenue - Montague Street to Athol Street
  • Anson Street - Van Horne Avenue to Millar Crescent
  • Argyle Street - Hill Avenue/Argyle Road to 21st Avenue (N.Leg)
  • Athol Street - Parliament Avenue to 26th Avenue
  • Athol Street - Portnall Avenue to Hill Avenue
  • Cameron Street - Parliament Ave to 25th Avenue
  • Garner Avenue - Kings Road to Argyle Road/Montague Street
  • Marquis Crescent - Plainsview Drive/Selkirk Crescent to Plainsview Drive
  • McCallum Avenue - Queen Street to Argyle Street
  • Millar Crescent - Queen Street to 25th Avenue
  • Olson Place - Millar Crescent to Olson Place End
  • Plainsview Drive - Lockwood Road (S.Leg) to Lockwood Road (N.Leg)
  • Portnall Avenue - Argyle Road to Athol Street
  • Robinson Street - Whitmore Avenue to Westgate Avenue
  • Selkirk Crescent - Plainsview Drive/Marquis Crescent to Plainsview Drive
  • Simpson Road - Sunset Road to Montague Street
  • Wascana Street - Kings Road to Regina Avenue
  • Westgate Avenue - Kings Road to Garnet Street
  • Whitmore Avenue - Argyle Road to Robinson Street


Ward 3

  • 9th Avenue – Ottawa Street to Quebec Street
  • 14th Avenue – Queen Street to Elphinstone Street
  • Connaught Crescent – College Avenue/Robinson Street to Retallack Street
  • Montague Street – Pike Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive
  • Pike Avenue – Montague Street to Athol Street
  • Quebec Street – 13th Avenue to Victoria Avenue
  • Toronto Street – 11th Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive


Ward 5

  • 8th Avenue - Grosvenor Street to Oxford Street
  • Bedford Avenue - Cannon Street/Bedford Crescent to Fleet Street
  • Bedford Crescent - Dewdney Avenue to Cannon Street/Bedford Avenue
  • Clermont Crescent - Cannon Street (S.Leg) to Cannon Street (N.Leg)
  • Grosvenor Street - 8th Avenue to 7th Avenue/Rootman Avenue
  • Kangles Street - Nagel Crescent (S.Leg) to Nagel Crescent (N.Leg)
  • Nagel Crescent - Cannon Street to Fisher Street (S.Leg)
  • Nagel Crescent - Fisher Street (S.Leg) to Fisher Street (N.Leg)


Ward 6

  • 2nd Avenue - King Street to Queen Street
  • 9th Avenue - McTavish Street to Elphinstone Street
  • Elizabeth Crescent - King Street (S.Leg) to King Street (N.Leg)
  • Garnet Street - 4th Avenue to 2nd Avenue
  • Garnet Street - Dewdney Avenue to 7th Avenue
  • King Street - 3rd Avenue to Elizabeth Crescent (N.Leg)
  • McTavish Street - 9th Avenue to Dewdney Avenue
  • Montague Street - 5th Avenue to 3rd Avenue
  • Oxford Street - Dewdney Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • Pasqua Street - 3rd Avenue to Pasqua Street End
  • Queen Street - 3rd Avenue to 2nd Avenue
  • Rothwell Crescent (N.Side) - 7th Avenue to Easement
  • Sussex Crescent - Pasqua Street (S.Leg) to Pasqua Street (N.Leg)


Ward 7

  • Acaster Street - Larocque Bay to Dalgliesh Drive
  • Cooper Crescent - Dalgliesh Drive (W.Leg) to Dalgliesh Drive (E.Leg)
  • Kennedy Crescent - Dalgliesh Drive to Dalgliesh Drive/Acaster Street
  • Merlin Crescent - Lawson Street (N.Leg) to Patton Street (N.Leg)


Ward 8

  • Eden Avenue -McCarthy Boulevard to Forsyth Crescent (E.Leg)
  • Forsyth Crescent -2nd Avenue North to Eden Avenue (W.Leg)
  • Hanbridge Crescent -Sherwood Drive (W.Leg) to Sherwood Drive (E.Leg)
  • Krivel Crescent -McCarthy Boulevard to Irvin Street (N.Leg)
  • Osborne Crescent -2nd Avenue North (W.Leg) to 2nd Avenue North (E.Leg)
  • Pickard Street -7th Avenue North to Hanley Crescent
  • Willoughby Crescent -Sherwood Drive/Deis Bay to Sherwood Drive


Ward 9

  • Engel Drive - Devonshire Drive to Rochdale Boulevard
  • Lee-Grayson Crescent - Devonshire Drive/Lee-Grayson Court to Devonshire Drive/Hird Crescent
  • Sidler Drive - Wellband Drive to Wadge Street
  • Steele Crescent - Radway Street (S.Leg) to Radway Street (N.Leg)
  • Wellband Drive - Devonshire Drive/Radway Street to Ehrle Crescent


Ward 10

  • Barlow Street - Fuhrmann Crescent to Dalgliesh Drive
  • Boucher Crescent - Sangster Boulevard to Sangster Boulevard/Shore Bay
  • Davin Crescent - Argyle Street North (S.Leg) to Argyle Street North (N.Leg)
  • Hahn Crescent - Lapchuck Crescent (S.Leg) to Lapchuk Crescent (N.Leg)
  • Lapchuk Crescent - Lakeridge Road (S.Leg) to Hahn Crescent (S.Leg)
  • Pappas Crescent - Dunsmore Drive (S.Leg) to Dunsmore Drive (N.Leg)
  • Trifunov Crescent - Trifunov Crescent (S.Leg) to Sangster Boulevard (E.Leg)