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Questions & Answers

Q. How do I know if my street is scheduled for renewal?

A.  You can check the Residential Road Renewal Program list. Affected residences and businesses will receive notice in advance of work commencing.

You can also check the next year’s draft list which is included in the RRRP annual report provided to City Council in December.

Q. If my street is not included in the next few years, what else can be done?

A. Minor repairs to roads and sidewalks are performed each year under annual maintenance programs. Roadway treatments are available to address pot holes, depressions and ponding issues. Sidewalks and curbs in need of repair may be replaced or repaired based on the type and severity of the defect. Our staff regularly inspects its roads and sidewalks. If you are concerned about your sidewalk or street, contact Service Regina to submit your inquiry.

Q. My street is in worse condition than another street on the list for improvement. Why does it get improved before mine?

A. The City has a selection process for identifying roads for rehabilitation that follows City Council’s direction to follow a preventative maintenance strategy. This strategy can result in roads that are rated as “B” or “C” being rehabilitated before roads in “D” condition in order to prevent those locations from deteriorating into poor condition with much more expensive treatment required.

Q. Is there an additional cost to my property taxes when my street is repaired?

A. The Residential Road Renewal Program is funded by the City’s overall tax mill rate and does not result in any additional taxes on your property.