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Standard Construction Specifications

The Standard Construction Specifications manual contains product, standards and construction requirements for installation of water, domestic sewer, storm drainage, roadways and open space infrastructure.

The Standard Construction Specifications apply to new developments designed by consultants and constructed by contractors on behalf of private owners or developers, as well as infrastructure and rehabilitation projects designed and constructed by the City using its own forces, consultants and/or contractors. They are not intended to be used for private owner contracts or other jurisdictions. It is the end user's responsibility to ensure they have the latest versions.

Developers, consultants and contractors are encouraged to seek new and innovative solutions. The City will be receptive to alternates solutions or innovative methods if a better technical or economical solution can be demonstrated. Any deviations from the Standard Construction Specifications must be approved in advance by the City of Regina. Applications for alternate solutions may submitted by email to  

View the current list of approved products referred to in the Standard Construction Specifications.

Requests to be included as an approved product may be submitted using the Product Review Application form to It is the applicant's responsibility to provide adequate information comparing the requested new product to the Specifications or an already approved product. Inadequate or incomplete submissions may result in rejection of the application.

Open Space Specifications

Currently under review. Refer to 2011 Specifications for most current versions.

  Revision Record Jan-18

List of Specification Changes for 2018 | 2017

Water Specifications
01500 Temporary Construction Crossing Over Critical Infrastructure Jan-18
01510 Temporary Water Supply Jan-17
02051 Facilities Abandonment Jan-17
02315 Trench Excavation and Backfill Apr-17
02511 Watermains Jan-18
02516 Water and Sewer Service Connection Jan-18
02517 Watermain Hydrostatic Tests Jan-17
02519 Disinfection and Flushing of Watermains Jan-17
15151 Water Meters and Encoder Registers Jan-17
15403 Backflow Prevention Devices Jan-17
15407 Installation of Water Meters and Meter Interface Units Jan-17
15408 Installation Requirements for Water Meters and Backflow Preventeres in Buildings Jan-17
15999 Water Standard Drawings Jan-18
Sewer Specifications
1300 Sewer Mains Jan-17
1320 Sewer Main Testing Apr-17
1325 Sewage Force Mains Jan-17
1330 Manhole & Catchbasin Construction Jan-17
1340 Erosion Control Jan-18
1350 Foundation Drain Discharge System Jan-17
1390 Utility Installations Jan-17
02997 Sewer Cleaning and CCTV Inspection Apr-17
02998 Trenchless Sewer Main Repairs CIPP - Close Fit Liner Jan-17
02999 Trenchless Sewer Main Repairs - Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Jan-17
1499 Sewer Standard Drawings Jan-18
Roadways Specifications
2000 Clearing and Grubbing Jan-17
2010 Sawcutting Jan-17
2050 Concrete Removal Jan-17
2070 Asphalt or Concrete Pavement Removal Apr-17
2075 Cold Planing Jan-17
2110 Excavation Jan-17
2120 Embankments Jan-17
2130 Subgrade Preparation Jan-17
2150 Lime Modified Subgrade Jan-17
2155 Geotextiles Jan-18
2170 Perforated Drainage Pipe Jan-17
2190 Grading of Boulevards Jan-17
2200 Roadway Gravel Jan-17
2210 Sub-drainage Layer Jan-17
2220 Subbase Course Apr-17
2230 Granular Base Course Apr-17
2235 Full Depth Reclamation Dec-10
2240 Concrete Base Course Jan-18
2245 Concrete Extension Jan-17
2300 Asphaltic Primer or Tack Coat Apr-17
2325 Supply of Asphaltic Pavement Jan-18
2350 Placement of Asphaltic Concrete Jan-18
2390 Crack Sealing Jan-17
2500 Supply of Portland Cement Concrete Jan-17
2550 Concrete Sidewalk, Crossings, Medians, Curb and Gutter Jan-18
2640 Lawn Repairs Jan-17
2645 Coarse Grass Seeding Jan-18
2650 Culverts Apr-17
2660 Chain Link Fence Jan-17
2780 Slabjacking Apr-17
2999 Roadway Standard Drawings Jan-18