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2011 Specifications

The 2011 Specifications are provided for reference purposes only. View the most current version of roadways, water and sewer specifications.

Open Space specifications are currently under review. 2011 specifications will remain the most current until further notice.

  Revision Record  Sep/15
  List of Specification Changes for 2011  Dec/10
  Feedback Form  May/10
Water Specifications
01510 Temporary Water Supply  Jan/08
02051 Watermain Abandonment by Grouting  Jan/08
02315 Trench Excavation and Backfill  Jan/08
02511 Watermains  Feb/10
02516 Water and Sewer Service Connections  Dec/10
02517 Watermain Tests  Jan/06
02519 Disinfection and Flushing of Watermains  Jan/08
15151 Water Meters and Encoder Registers  Jan/06
15403 Backflow Prevention Devices  Jan/06
15407 Installation of Water Meters and Meter Interface Units  Jan/08
15408 Installation Requirements for Water Meters and Backflow Preventers in Buildings  Jan/08
15999 Water Standard Drawings Varies
Sewer Specifications
1300 Installation of Sewermains  Feb/10
1320 Sewermain Testing  Aug/10
1330 Manhole & Catchbasin Construction  Feb/10
1340 Erosion Control  Dec/10
1350 Foundation Drain Discharge System Aug/10
1390 Utility Installations  May/10
02997 Sewer Cleaning and CCTV Inspection  Sep/15
02998 Trenchless Sewer Main Repairs - Thermosetting Resin  Jan/06
02999 Trenchless Sewer Main Repairs - Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Aug/10
1499 Sewer Standard Drawings  Varies
Roadways Specifications
2000 Clearing & Grubbing  Jan/06
2010 Sawcutting  Jan/06
2050 Concrete Removal  Jan/06
2070 Asphalt or Concrete Pavement Removal  Jan/06
2075 Cold Planing  Jan/06
2110 Excavation  Jan/06
2120 Embankments  Jan/06
2130 Subgrade Preparation and Compaction - Non Granular  Nov/10
2140 Subgrade Preparation and Compaction - Granular  Jan/06
2150 Lime Modified Subgrade  Nov/10
2155 Supply and Installation of Geotextile Fabric  Feb/10
2170 Perforated Drainage Pipe  Jan/06
2190 Grading of Boulevards  Dec/07
2200 Roadway Gravel  Jan/06
2210 Sub-drainage Sand  Jan/06
2220 Sub-base Course  Nov/10
2230 Granular Base Course  Jan/06
2235 Recycled Base Courses  Nov/10
2240 Concrete Base Courses  Nov/10
2245 Concrete Extension  Jan/06
2250 Soil Cement Base Course  Jan/06
2260 Sand Asphalt Base Course  Jan/06
2300 Asphaltic Primer or Tack Coat  Jan/06
2325 Supply of Asphaltic Concrete  Dec/10
2350 Placement of Asphaltic Concrete  Nov/10
2390 Crack Sealing  Jan/06
2400 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement  Jan/06
2500 Supply of Portland Cement Concrete  Dec/10
2550 Concrete Sidewalk, Crossing, Curb & Gutter  Feb/10
2600 Concrete Median, Boulevard & Island Paving  Dec/07
2620 Installation of Interlocking Paving Stones  Jan/06
2640 Lawn Repairs  Jan/06
2645 Coarse Grass Seeding  Jan/06
2650 Installation of Culverts  Jan/08
2660 Installation of Chain Link Fence  Jan/06
2680 Installation of Steel Handrail  Jan/06
2780 Mudjacking/Slabjacking  Jan/06
2999 Roadway Standard Drawings  Varies
Open Space Specifications
01530 Temporary Tree and Plant Protection  July/03
02210 Site Grading - Rough  Feb/10
02212 Planting Soil and Finish Grading  Feb/10
02271 Rip-Rap  July/03
02282 Chemical Vegetation Control  Oct/10
02496 Wood Fibre Mulch  Dec/10
02509 Type A - Asphalt Pathway  Feb/10
02510 Type B - Asphalt Pathway Structure  Feb/10
02511 Crusher Dust Paving  July/03
02515 Unit Paving  July/03
02518 Precast Concrete Block Paving  July/03
02581 Pavement Marking  July/03
02801 Irrigation Systems  Feb/10
02870 Site Furnishings  July/03
02922 Play Sand  July/03
02923 Peastone  July/03
02930 Seeding - Irrigated  Feb/10
02931 Seeding - Native  Feb/10
02934 Hydraulic Seed Mulch July/03
02938 Sodding  July/03
02950 Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers Feb/10
02990 Landscape Maintenance  Feb/10
05500 Metal Fabrication July/03
09900 Painting and Finishing  July/03
09999 Landscape Standard Drawings Varies