Image of the City of Regina

Review Road & Transportation Plans

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, it’s important to know what is planned for the roads in your neighbourhood:

  • Avoid surprises when buying a house. You can determine if any residential streets in your neighbourhood are planned to become a major arterial or collector street in the future.
  • Avoid driving through construction zones. By reviewing construction projects, you can identify areas under road construction for this year and plan alternate routes.

The City of Regina uses sophisticated computer models to track current traffic patterns/volumes and predict future patterns/ volumes. This analysis allows the City to create strategic plans to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic in our growing city and to budget for these projects accordingly in its capital budgets.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

The City’s Transportation Master Plan is a long-term plan guiding all future transportation planning and investment in Regina over the next 25 years. It proposes a multi-modal transportation network where residents are provided with choices in how they move around the city including vehicle, transit and active modes such as walking and cycling. The Transportation Master Plan is a key component of the City’s Official Community Plan, Design Regina. Both plans will shape how we experience and live in our city. Developing both plans concurrently provided a solid foundation for the future.