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Street Sweep

Fall Leaf Sweep

The Fall Leaf Sweep program usually runs mid to late October. Sweep schedule is posted online about two weeks in advance.

City crews street sweep to keep our roads clean, clear catch basins and reduce any drainage issues. Areas that are swept during Fall Leaf Sweep were chosen based on the history of being problematic for flooding during spring melt and have a number of mature trees.

We encourage residents to support fall clean up by raking their leaves. These leaves can be composted, bagged and placed in your brown garbage cart, or bagged and taken to companies that accept them (check out Waste Wizard to find out where.)

We also ask residents to try and keep the nearest catch basins free of debris, leaves and snow so that come spring, it will be ready for the snow melt.

For more information, call 306-777-7000.



Spring Sweep

The Spring Sweep program helps clean and preserve all our streets by removing winter salt/sand, dust and debris from the roads, sidewalks and boulevards. The sweep begins about April and runs through June, weather dependent.

Sweeping starts on medians, downtown streets and main arterial roads such as Albert Street. We also sweep sidewalks throughout the program cycle and boulevards are swept during the first week. After the main roads, Spring Sweep moves onto neighbourhood streets and roads. Large mobile signs are posted in neighbourhoods, about 24-hours in advance, to advise when your subdivision will be swept.

Residents are advised to watch for and obey the ‘No-Parking’ signs during the street sweep to allow sweepers to access curb and parking lanes. Parking in a no-parking zone means that you could be ticketed $120 and your vehicle towed. Help keep our streets clean by adhering to street signage and moving your car as needed.