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Requests to Lower or Increase Speed Limits

You may think lowering the posted speed limit will discourage speeding along your street. However, this is normally not the case. Research has shown that drivers will drive at a speed which they are comfortable with, regardless of the posted speed limit. In fact, unrealistically low speed limits can invite violation by responsible drivers and create new problems in our neighbourhoods:

  • Artificially low speed limits increase the difference between the fastest and slowest drivers which has been proven to reduce safety.
  • Artificially low speed limits lead to shortcutting on nearby streets.

Increasing speed limits may also not be feasible depending on roadway geometry, adjacent land use, or previous accident history for that street.

To submit a request

Use the City’s online Contact Us form if you wish to request a review of the speed limit on a certain street. When completing the form:

  1. Select the option “request for service”
  2. Enter the street name and block number of the street you are requesting for a speed limit review
  3. In the description box, identify whether you want the speed limit to be increased or decreased on that street and any details to support your request.
  4. Enter your name and personal contact information at the end, in case the City has to contact you to obtain more information.
  5. Record the number assigned to your request if you wish to monitor the status of your request online or by phoning 306-777-7000.