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Accessible Pedestrian Signals

AcAccessiblePedestrianSignalscessible Pedestrian Signals (APS), inform pedestrians who are blind or visually impaired when they have the right-of-way to cross at a signalized intersection. APS uses two audible tones with the visual pedestrian signals to designate the direction of the pedestrian right-of-way.

For the north/south right-of-way, the ‘cuckoo’ audible tone is sounded, and for the east/west right-of-way, the ‘chirp’ audible tone is sounded.

The APS units are also equipped with vibro-tactile features for pedestrians who are deaf or hard of hearing. Raised arrows on the APS indicate the crossing direction of the unit, which then vibrates in combination with the audible tone to indicate right-of-way for that crossing.

APS also use a ‘locator tone’ to assist pedestrians in locating the pushbutton. This tone currently varies between units as either a ‘beeping’ or a ‘ticking’ sounds.

IMG_0230The City of Regina has 69 intersections equipped with APS. As part of its vision to be an inclusive and accessible community, the City is committed to retrofitting six signalized intersections with APS each year. Any newly signalized intersections with pedestrian access are automatically installed with APS.

To request a location for APS installation, please contact Service Regina at 306 777-7000 or use the Online Request Form. Requested locations are prioritized using criteria, such as intersection configuration and safety, pedestrian and vehicle volumes, and proximity to public transit and various pedestrian destinations.