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Loading Zones

Loading zones provideA loading zone sign in front of the Regina Public Library short-term (10 minute) parking for the loading and unloading of people and goods for both residents and commercial vehicles. In the downtown area, loading zones are often identified by parking meters with a red ‘top’. All loading zones are identified by signage.

Loading zones are allowed where there is no alley, off-street loading or other alternative available to motorists. Loading zones are not allowed in “No stopping” areas or on streets abutting residential property. There cannot be 2 loading zones within 100 m of each other on the same block face.

To apply for a loading zone

If you are the owner or occupant of the building that requires a loading zone in front of it, contact the Traffic Engineering Division of Public Works at 306-777-7421. Staff will provide you with the information required to include in your written application and will discuss requirements to approve your loading zone.

There is no cost to request or create a loading zone.