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No Stopping or no Parking Signs

"No Stopping" signs mean you should not stop within a specific restricted area, not even to drop off or pick up a passenger. You can stop in this area in an emergency or if directed by emergency personnel. Traffic sign that says no parking

"No Parking" signs allow you to stop your vehicle momentarily when actively:

  • dropping someone off
  • picking someone up

You must remain behind the wheel of your vehicle as it is illegal  to stay parked for any length of time. Additionally, your vehicle must be moved immediately should traffic conditions warrant or if you are directed to do so by parking enforcement personnel.

As well, you cannot park your vehicle:

  • within 10 m of an intersection with a painted crosswalk
  • on the continuous side between the crosswalks at a “T” intersection
  • within 2 m of a fire hydrant
  • in an alley unless the vehicle is being actively loaded or unloaded and is not blocking traffic
  • within 3 m of an alley that intersects with a street
  • within 2 m of any private driveway
  • more than 0.6 m away from the curb