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Snow & Ice Control

The City uses a variety of snow and ice control methods including prioritized snow plowing and sanding to get roads to good winter driving condition so everyone can travel safely. 

Snow Plowing

During a heavy snowfall, our top priority is safety and traffic flow to ensure vehicles and people can move throughout the city, especially on roads with high volumes of traffic. We plow snow according to the priority categories outlined below.


CategoryPlowedRoads Included
1 Major Arterial Roads are plowed within 24 hours with a minimum 5 cm of snow
  • Albert Street
  • Broad Street
  • Victoria Avenue
  • Lewvan Drive
  • Ring Road
2 Minor Arterial Roads are plowed within 36 hours with a minimum 5 cm of snow
  • Elphinstone Street
  • Broadway Avenue
  • Regina Avenue
3 Major Collector Roads, Industrial/Commercial Roads, and Transit Routes not yet completed are plowed within 48 hours with a minimum 10 cm of snow
  • Whelan Drive
  • Dalgliesh Drive
  • Sangster Boulevard
  • Windsor Park Road
  • Douglas Road
  • Grant Road
  • James Hill Road
  • College Avenue
4 Minor Collector Roads and streets near School Zones are plowed within 60 hours with a minimum 10 cm of snow
  • Wakefield Crescent
  • Fairview Road
  • Shannon Road
  • Jim Cairns Boulevard
  • Arnason Street
  • Cumberland Road
  • Philip Road
5 Residential Roads are plowed after 25 cm of snow from single event when weather and time permit


Snow Ridges

Snow ridges are piles of snow at the side of the road which have been left behind by the snow plow as it clears the street. The snow plows use a flipper or snow-gate blade to minimize snow ridges across alley entrances, intersections and driveways to reduce the height to approximately 30 cm.

Crews do not remove snow down to bare pavement since doing so would scrape and damage your street and sidewalk. However, if the snow ridge left on your driveway is higher than 30 cm, or a snow ridge blocking intersection sight-lines or makes driving hazardous, you can report the location using our online Contact Us form or by calling 306-777-7000 during business hours.

Ice Control

Streets are sanded with a sand and salt mixture based on a category priority system. We apply sand and salt selectively on sections of roads including intersections, bridge decks and subways, ramps and merging lanes, curves, school frontages and intersections. Ice control is provided within 72 hours of a snow event or as soon as possible, weather permitting at the following locations near:

  • City-owned buildings
  • Bridge decks and subways
  • Transit stops on the Heritage bus route
  • No frontage locations on all Category streets
  • Storm channel and railway crossings on Category 1 and 2 streets
  • Vacant land on Category 1 and 2 streets
  • City-owned parks on Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 streets
  • City-owned parks that are next to a public school
  • General Hospital gateway on both sides of 14th Avenue from Broad Street to the alley east of Halifax Street
  • Core Community Park on Quebec Street side


Liquid Salt Pilot Project

The City has been testing liquid salt to control ice on small sections of streets and roads as an alternative to the traditional dry salt/sand mix. The product is currently added to the sand before it is applied to the roads which helps it stick to the pavement better and returns roads to good driving condition faster. Liquid salt is also less corrosive and reduces the overall amount of dry salt and sand the City uses each winter.

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal

Snow and ice on residential sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner/resident. It’s important to keep your sidewalks shovelled and sanded to help pedestrians walk safely and easily down the street.sand

All properties in Regina’s downtown must clear ice and snow from the sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a storm. Businesses, apartments and vacant lots outside of downtown must clear ice and snow from sidewalks within 48 hours. Snow from resident’s driveways and walkways should be stored on their private yard, not on streets, sidewalks or boulevards.

The City provides sand at various locations throughout Regina for residents who need it to make icy sidewalks and driveways safe. You must bring a container and something to scoop with. 


Al Ritchie Arena
2230 Lindsay Street

In the parking lot near the tennis courts

Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre
2900 13th Avenue

In the alley behind the building

Glencairn Neighbourhood Centre
2626 Dewdney Avenue

In the back parking lot near the garage with the green roof

Jack Hamilton Arena
1010 McCarthy Boulevard

Near the tennis courts

mâmawêyatitân centre
3355-6th Avenue

Across the field at 7th Avenue and Montague Street

Murray Balfour Arena
70 Massey Road

In the far corner of the parking lot near Massey 

Northgate Mall
7th Avenue North and Lorne Street

Behind Lowes in the south east corner of the lot

North West Leisure Centre
1127 Arnason Street

In the southeast corner of the parking lot near the  recycling bins 

Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre 
3130 E Woodhams Drive

In the far corner of the parking lot near the blue recycling bins

South Leisure Centre
222 Sunset Drive

Behind Optimist Arena in the joint parking lot


Residential Snow Plow

Residential streets are only plowed after substantial snowfall (25 cm of snow from a single event) and when weather and time permits. The community is divided into sectors to plow more than 500 kilometres of residential roads. Residents can help crews plow streets faster by parking in their driveway or garage. 

After a major snow event, crews also work to plow alleys that receive garbage and recycling pick up and try to provide residents with access to their alley parking. Because alleys are narrow, they are plowed by trucks with a blade on the front instead of a plow. This equipment leaves a snow ridge that residents will need to clear.