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Attendant Admission Program

City of Regina programs are open to everyone, including those with a disability.

If you have a disability, please inform City staff of any accommodations you may need to participate in a recreation or sporting program when you are registering for that program.

If you require an attendant to help you during your program or activity, inquire about the Attendant Admission Program when you are registering.

The program allows an attendant to accompany you at no cost provided:

  • Your attendant provides you with the necessary support you require to participate in the program or activity
  • Your attendant cannot pursue a different activity or program while he/she is supposed to be with you

Note: As a participant, you must still pay the regular admission or registration fee even though your attendant does not.

View and download the application form for Attendant Admission for Individuals or the application form for Attendant Admission for Groups.

For more information about the Attendant Admissions Program, please call 306-777-PLAY (7529).