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Guide to Accessible Taxicabs

The City of Regina licenses accessible taxicabs to ensure the safety of people riding in taxis.
Here are some things you need to know when using accessible taxis.

Identifying Accessible Taxicabs

All regular and accessible taxis licensed by the City of Regina are subject to annual vehicle safety inspections. Taxi drivers must submit criminal record checks on an annual basis. Not all for-hire accessible vehicles are licensed taxis.

What to look for when you get in a taxi:

· Taxi Driver ID card – with ID number and photo


· Taxi fare meter – sealed with a City of Regina tag

· City of Regina taxi decal in top-left corner of the rear window

What to Expect During Your Taxi Trip

When you call for an accessible taxi, the dispatcher must inform you of any known delays before they accept your request.

The taxicab driver must:

· Securely fasten your wheelchair or scooter to prevent any movement while the taxicab is in motion

· Take the most direct, practical route to your destination (unless instructed otherwise)

· Charge you the fare indicated on the taxi meter

Taxi Fares

The Regina Taxi Bylaw No. 9635 sets out fares and service standards for taxis.

As of March 24, 2015, the following rates apply for all taxis in Regina:

Initial Fee (drop rate) $4

Per Metre Rate 25¢ per 138 metres

Wait Time Rate 25¢ per 25 seconds (after first 5 minutes)

Hourly Rate $36 per hour


Taxi drivers are not permitted to charge additional fees for wheelchairs or mobility equipment.

Service Animals

All regular and accessible taxis operating in Regina are required to transport service animals at no additional cost.

The only time a driver may refuse transport of a service animal is if they have provided the City Licence Inspector with a sufficient medical reason (e.g., allergy).

When you call for a taxi, let the dispatcher know you are travelling with a service animal to ensure the driver is aware before they arrive.

Saskatchewan Human Rights Policy on Service Animals


Please call 306-777-7000 with any concerns, compliments, or comments regarding accessible taxi services.
Remember to provide the taxi decal number or taxi driver ID number, taxi company, and the time and date of your trip.

Guide to Accessible Taxicabs brochure