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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which stream (Culture, Social Development or Sport/Recreation) to apply through?
The following are options that will help an organization determine which funding stream they should apply through:

  • Attend the information workshop being held on January 10, 2018 by City of Regina Administration. Click Register in order to attend.

  • Read the Annual Activity/New Initiative Grant Guidelines found on the website for more information.

  • Contact City of Regina staff by phone at (306) 777-7507 or by email at

Can I apply for multiple New Initiative and Annual Activity Grants? 
Yes. Organizations are eligible to apply for up to two (2) grants in total. One (1) Major and one (1) Minor or two (2) Minor grants. The total value of the two (2) grant applications cannot exceed $40,000. Any requests above the $40,000 limit will not be considered or forwarded to the adjudication Committee. In addition, organizations who apply for New Initiative and Annual Activity grants may also apply for the same initiative under the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program; that is, if the initiative meets the eligibility requirements for that specific grant.


If our organization is a Community Partner, can we apply for other grants?
Yes. A Community Partner organization is eligible to apply for up to two (2) grants in total. One (1) Major and one (1) Minor or two (2) Minor grants through the New Initiative stream only. The total value of the two (2) grant applications cannot exceed $40,000.
Please Note: Community Partner organizations are ineligible to apply for Annual Activity grant funding.

Can I apply for grants in more than one stream?
Yes. Organizations may apply through multiple streams and may submit multiple applications in one (1) stream, as long as each application is for a distinct and separate initiative. The total applications cannot exceed two (2) submissions and the two (2) grant applications cannot exceed $40,000 in ask.

If we aren’t selected to be a Community Partner this year, does that mean we may never become a Community Partner?
No. There is an annual Community Partner deadline for applications, which are adjudicated annually based on the new information and applications provided. Community Partners are funded on a four (4) year cycle (e.g. 2017-2020), so any organization that is approved into the Community Partner model receives funding for the remainder of years in that cycle. For example, if an organization is not approved to be a Community Partner in 2017, but re-applies and is accepted in 2018, they receive an agreement with the City of Regina for the remaining three (3) years of that cycle (2018-2020).

Is there a maximum amount of funding available to Community Partners?
No. Community Partner applications are reviewed annually on a case by case basis. Organizations wishing to apply for Community Partner funding must first meet with City of Regina Administration before submitting an application.

Why is there a maximum amount of funding available for the New Initiative and Annual Activity grants for each organization?
The City of Regina has a limited amount of budget in each funding stream, therefore, a maximum per organization ensures support for the great diversity of organizations that apply.


If our organization is submitting multiple applications through the New Initiative or Annual Activity grant stream, do we duplicate the required attachments (ISC Profile Report, Annual Report and financial information) on each application?
Yes. Each application must have the required attachments in order to be deemed complete and eligible for adjudication.



How long does it take to be notified if our organization will receive funding?
The process from application deadline to notification of a funding decision is approximately 12 weeks. Your organization will receive either an approval or notification letter advising your organizations grant request. For successful grant requests, depending on the stream it was approved through, will include either full payment or an 80 percent up front payment. The City of Regina notifies all applicants via official correspondence through mail. The City of Regina does not release results by telephone or email, except where specified by City of Regina Administration. Approval of funding does not commit the City of Regina to any future funding towards that group or organization.

What measures are in place to ensure protection for each applicant around conflict of interest by a member of the Review Committee?
As part of the Grant Review Committee, all members must sign an adjudicator agreement and agree to the Terms of Reference put in place by the City of Regina. This includes policies regarding confidentiality and conflict of interest. The City of Regina defines conflict of interest the following ways:

  • Juror, or juror's partner or spouse, is on the Board of Director's for an applying organization; or

  • Juror knows they will financially, professionally or personally benefit by approving the application for funding.

In any of the above scenarios, the member must recuse themselves from voting or taking part in the discussion around the specific organization. The members are expected to self-assess whether they have a conflict of interest, or a perception of a conflict of interest exists, regarding any applicant.


Is there an appeals process for unsatisfied organizations?

Unsuccessful applicants may appeal their decision in writing to the Director of Community Services or their designate, who will have final decision-making authority. Appeals will only be considered where it can be demonstrated that an error in process was made. Appeals must be received by the City of Regina, Community Services Department within 60 days of receiving the notification letter.

What does an error in process mean?
An error in process is a malfunction of the administrative or adjudicative functions, as outlined in the guidelines and application forms. For example, eligible application material did not make its way to the group review for adjudication or the jurors did not evaluate the application on the criteria for what it is intended to be.



If our organization partners with another organization on a project, and receive a grant, how does that grant work against the 'cap' amount of funding per organization?
In all applications, one organization will be allotted as the primary applicant, while others are viewed as partners. If successful in funding, the primary applicant will receive the notification letter, as well as the funding payment. This organization takes on all responsibilities in regards to the grant and reporting associated with it. Therefore, the primary applicant is viewed as the successful applicant, even though other organizations are involved in the program and/or initiative.

What if our organization receives a grant, but the project undergoes change in focus, deliverables or audience?
A small change to a project is an understandable part of the natural process (e.g. dates, a change in content or nature of any partnership). Any significant change in the program and/or initiative must be communicated to the Director of Community Services. The clarification must be sent by letter or email outlining the program change. If there is a failure to communicate changes to City of Regina Administration, it may result in implications, such as: loss of final 20 percent of funding, repayment of the initial funding and/or the organization may be deemed ineligible for future funding through the City of Regina's Community Investment Grants Program (CIGP).

If our organization receives funding for a grant, does it all come up front?
This depends on the specific grant that your organization has been successful in acquiring. For Community Partners and Annual Activity grants, the full amount or 100 percent of approved funding will be provided. For New Initiative, Special Event Major and Minor or Hosting grants, organizations receive 80 percent of the approved funding upon approval. The final 20 percent of funding is released after the organizations' follow-up report on the project has been reviewed and approved by City of Regina Administration. In addition, both Community Partner and Annual Activity recipients are required to provide annual follow-up reports in order to receive the following year's funds.

I noticed that organizations that apply for Major funding can receive their grant over 24 months. Does this mean two separate grants or one grant spanning the whole time period?
In the situations where successful Major funding applicants can demonstrate that their initiative needs to take place over a time period of longer than 12 months and less than 24 months, the City of Regina may approve their funding to be allocated over that time. This does not represent the group receiving funding from two separate years of grant adjudication, but rather the group has longer than 12 months to complete the initiative they were funded for out of one specific year’s budget cycle.


Does the City of Regina have a matching requirement for capital projects?
Yes, the City of Regina will fund up to a maximum of 50 percent of capital initiatives (up to $30,000) while the requesting organization is responsible for acquiring the remaining funding for the project. The City of Regina CIGP defines a capital project as new construction, renovations, and/or expansions of a facility and capital equipment.

Does our organization need to have all of our funds in place prior to the application deadline?
Your organization should have at least the matching amount of funds in place for your project at the time of the application deadline.

Does the City of Regina require a letter from the property owner for capital projects prior to the deadline?
A letter is required from the property owner to provide approval in principle for the project to be implemented on their property. This letter should also confirm who will take responsibility for the project and who is responsible for maintaining it into the future.

Our organization's project is on City of Regina property; is the deadline for getting our approval in principle different from the application deadline?
No. The approval in principle must be provided at the same time as your application in order for the application to be considered by the adjudication Committee. The approval in principle should be sought well in advance of the grant application deadline.

Will the City of Regina assist in the design work for my project?
Yes, if your project is a landscape project on City of Regina park space or property; the City of Regina will assist with the landscape design work required for your project. If the City of Regina is not able to accommodate the timelines of your particular project, then you may be required to hire a landscape architect to complete the necessary work. The City of Regina will not provide design services for projects that are not on City of Regina property or projects that require other professional design services (e.g. Architectural, Engineering, Irrigation, etc.)

Is a signed agreement required for my project?
Your grant application will act as your agreement for funding through the CIGP only. Organizations that receive grant funding for projects on City of Regina property will still have to sign a project agreement related to construction and future maintenance of the capital asset.