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Community Partner Grants

Community Partner Grants provide up to four (4) years of core operation and core program funding to non-profit organizations that play a unique, strategic and essential role in the community.

Community Partner – New Applicant

If your organization is looking to receive funding for your core operations and/or programming, you may be eligible to receive funding through our Community Partner program through the City of Regina’s Community Investment Grants Program (CIGP).

Applicants should contact the City of Regina to determine which grant and/or which funding stream is most appropriate for their organization or its' specific initiative. In some cases, applicants may be eligible to apply for more than one grant, but should consult with the City of Regina Administration before applying.

Please Note: All applicants looking to apply for Community Partner status must have been previously funded for three (3) consecutive years through the CIGP's Annual Activity Program.

Organizations wishing to apply for a Community Partner grant must first meet with a Coordinator in the Community Services Department to discuss eligibility requirements. City of Regina Administration will direct the organization to the most appropriate stream, as well as provide the organization with the Community Partner Application Form.

Please be advised that the application deadline for the Community Partner program is December 4, 2017.

If you require more information, please call 306-777-7507 or email