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Heritage Buildings - Graffiti Removal Procedure

  1. First, if you are not sure if your building has a heritage designation check the list of heritage buildings on the City of Regina website to find out if your building is listed.
  2. Surface cleaning can damage historic material and should only be done after a careful review of the cleaning process to be used. Cleaning methods should utilize the gentlest means possible; methods which erode surface material, such as sandblasting of brick, metal or wood, are not recommended.

Before Cleaning After Cleaning

  1. If the cleaning of any designated heritage building will alter the heritage surface, the property owner shall obtain approval from the Development Services Department, 306-777-7000.
  2. Previously painted surface can simply be repainted. 
  3. A bare surface like wood, concrete, masonry, stone, retaining walls and decorative concrete must be cleaned with a gentle process so the surface is not damaged or altered during cleaning. If pressure washing is used a low pressure setting is recommended
  4. Protective coating whether permanent or sacrificial must not be used on any heritage surface.
  5. Hiring a professional graffiti removal company may be easier and safer.